IEG offers international students guaranteed internship placements through supportive and personalized handson advising. We firmly believe in the value of internships which allow students to gain professional experience while pursuing a degree in the US. These experiences enable you to apply the skills learned in your educational program to real life situations. Research has shown students who complete an internship during their studies are much more likely to attain a job upon graduation, fulfilling their OPT dreams.

IEG was founded by international education professionals with a mission to support every international student in the United States by providing access to internships during their studies.

Benefits of working with IEG team:

-Access to view all available internships for free.
-Simple and transparent application process.
-Resume revision assistance.
-Interview preparation assistance.
-Letter of recommendation at internship completion.

May Arthur

May Arthur is an accomplished senior executive, consultant, and a board member with more than 25 years of success across various sectors of international education. Her areas of expertise include global strategy, organizational leadership, business development, global operations, and internship program design.

In 2003, she designed her first successful university internship program for international students pursuing graduate certificates in management. Her ability to establish strategic linkages with companies enabled her to guarantee student placement in field specific internships.

Ms. Arthur has dedicated her professional career to serving international students by creating access to US higher education while ensuring the highest return on students’ investment in US higher education.


John has been involved in higher education technology for 15+ years. He founded a software company that helped students find the best universities, and built an online language education platform that grew to 2 million members. He's deeply passionate about creating tools for students to maximize their success.

Daniel Rivers

Daniel Rivers has worked in international education, for more than 20 years. He is passionate about student outcomes and has always felt that the best way to ensure that every student gets the most out of their education is to take part in an internship during their students. To this end, he created his first internship program for international students in San Diego and placed students mostly with non-profit organizations to build their resume. He has since opened 3 university pathway programs including at the State University of New York and University of California. With all these schools, he incorporated volunteering and internship placement into the programs.

At the University of California Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Campus, he had nearly 100% internship placement rates for his students and many were easily able to secure a paid position for OPT after they graduated due to the connections they made and experience they gained during their internships.