Professional Practice and Internship Importance

Why one should consider learning outside of school through Internships and Jobs to have better progress towards there career goals.


Education has become increasingly expensive and students more and more are demanding outcomes from their studies. Education is changing from a more holistic approach to learning all disciplines to skills-based hands-on learning that leads to real outcomes in terms of employability. The only way to gain a deep understanding of what you are learning is to practice what you learn.

Completing an internship during your studies sets you apart from the rest of your classmates. In an internship, you can practice what you are learning and apply those concepts to a real-life environment. This will solidify your skills as well as teach you the soft skills that are not taught in school such as public speaking, emotional intelligence, company culture, customer service, business communication, and confidence.

Internships directly lead to paid positions after graduation. Many internships directly turn into job offers at the same company. When paid positions are not available, a letter of recommendation from your internship still sets you apart from your colleagues. Often your manager will refer you to another company with a personal reference if a paid position is not available. Students who complete an internship during their studies are many times more likely to not only secure a paid position but to receive higher compensation than those with no prior experience. Employers want to see experience and confidence in an applicant which is exactly what an internship gives you.

With all this, why don’t all university students complete an internship during either the school year or the summer? It all comes down to accessibility. There are hundreds of job boards out there and many also post internship options. Applying to these can be tedious and competition can be fierce. Without help or a referral, even for internships, your application will not stand out to employers. This is even more true for international students.

You have paid a lot of money for your education and you deserve the best chances of securing a high paid position upon graduation which you will get through the completion of an internship in your field. This is why we created IEG Intern. To match bachelor’s and master’s students with an internship aligned with their studies. Our platform uses ‘Key Matching’ technology that scans your profile, resume, and documents to match you with an internship that best suits your skills. Our team approves each candidate and guarantees an internship match.

Our team has more than 50 years of experience working with international students. We know the strengths you bring and the pitfalls you encounter, and we are dedicated to giving you the support you need.

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