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IEG is not a job board. IEG hand selects qualified and well-prepared interns. Only those who fit the position criteria and are the best match for an open internship position will be shared with the company. Employers will not receive hundreds of applications for one position from IEG or it’s interns.

IEG World offers an internship placement program in compliance with the Department of Labor and SEVP regulations. Graduate students are exempt from the requirement to complete a full academic year before qualifying for off-campus employment. Undergraduates can begin off campus employment once they complete their first academic year.

Internships maybe a degree requirement for these students, or simply designed to provide students with a hand on experience while earning academic credit.

  • They bring diverse knowledge and skills that are not available in the local labor pool.
  • They fill a gap of skilled workers created by current economic conditions.
  • Companies with foreign workers are viewed as forward thinking and diverse companies, attracting more domestic hires as they value such attributes.
  • They are well-traveled with international experience and a global perspective. Able to adapt to new environments and cultures.
  • They add to the cultural diversity of an organization, a competitive business advantage. According to McKinsey and Company, businesses in the top quartile for ethnic diversity are 33% more likely to score more profits than those in the lowest quartile.
  • They communicate in multiple language and can related culturally to a global workforce, guiding company’s expansion efforts into new markets.
  • They provide companies with a cost-effective way to developing a pipeline of up-and- coming talent without a hiring commitment.
  • It is a great way to expose the young generation to company’s brand to attract future talent from many great universities, while learning from students’ new perspectives and benefiting from students newly learned cutting-edge strategies and techniques in their field.
  • Supervising international students allows the company to develop a low-cost professional development and mentoring program for current employees, leading to enhanced leadership skills in your workforce.
  • International students, based on their cultures, display great loyalty and a strong work ethic, making them a great addition to any business.

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