Participating in an internship allows you to gain industry knowledge by combining your academic learning with real life situations. Internships allow you to test your newly acquired technical knowledge and learn more about workplace culture, while adding diversity and filling skill gaps in local talent pool.

You will gain the soft skills needed to succeed in a professional environment through your interaction and collaboration with others in a high pressure setting.

IEG will work with you to guide you on how best to present yourself, and what it takes to land an interview and secure an internship placement.

At IEG, our team has decades of experience working with and supporting international students reach their academic and professional goals.

We will assist you with developing a great resume and cover letter to make you stand out of the crowd. IEG team works on your behalf communicating directly with the hiring managers to find the best fit for you.

Participating in an internship has been found to help you perform better academically allowing you to graduate on time. Your participation in an internship will help you build your professional network, while providing you with the professional experience needed to secure an OPT placement post graduation.

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