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IEG offers a unique internship placements service to partner universities by providing individualized hands on coaching and support to international students.

  • IEG is simply not a job board. Job boards have a 2-4% effectiveness rate for job placements, while networking has over a 50% effectiveness rate. IEG leverages its industry contacts while helping students build their professional networks to ensure higher placement success rates.
  • IEG works with each student to develop their resume and professional skills and network to secure an internship. Matching international students to internship opportunities directly with the employer bypasses the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used to rank and review resumes according to skills, experience and keywords. It avoids resumes from ending up in a black hole when answering the very common application question: do you or will you at any time in the future need sponsorship?
  • Higher Internship placement rates lead to higher employment rates after graduation; both elements will positively impact university ranking, making it more attractive domestically and in international markets.
  • Through individual coaching, IEG alleviate the pressure international students can have on existing and sometimes limited career service resources.

Studies show that most job postings receive over 500 applications and only look at the top 10- 20. And most jobs already have many applicants before they are listed on a job board.

  • Partnering with universities and companies allows IEG to create a clear path to securing an internship. Direct partnerships with companies provide IEG with access to many open internships that don’t necessarily make it to job boards.

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